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Health-Care Demonstrations a Timely Reminder

…that there are far more important things going on than waterboarding investigations.

Single payer health coverage, like Canada’s,  has been largely dismissed from serious discussion on the national level as politically infeasible. And that’s probably true. At the very least, a government option has to be included.  The SF Chronicle on single-payer:

“It’s off the table in Washington because of the politics,” said Laurence Baker, associate professor of health research and policy at Stanford University.

Health insurers and drugmakers have contributed millions of dollars to members of Congress. One of the top recipients of that money, said Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group based in Santa Monica, was Sen. Max Baucus, D-Montana, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who was running the hearings when the arrests (of single-payer advocates) took place this month. He accepted $413,000 in drug and health insurance campaign contributions during that time.

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