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Remember, please, who REALLY won the House

Dems got more votes, Reps got more seats because of gerrymandering in states. Hopeless lush Boehner has no standing.

The Antidote to Limbaugh

That wold be Nor-MAN Gold-MAN, whose nationally syndicated radio show occasionally features yours truly as Senior Media Analyst. If you have a local progressive radio outlet, do check out Stormin’ Norman

The One Must-Read Gun Piece This Month

SF Gate’s Mark Morford pretty much says it all here — and says it well:

Back Again, as NRA Reloads

Guns are a national sickness, and Wayne LaPierre has blood on his hands. I hear the NRA is starting a new magazine soon, “Schoolyard Shooting Enthusiast.”  Good luck with that.

Watch this space.

A good nickname for Mitt’s campaign bus

Courtesy Lawrence O’Donnell:

“The Etch-a-Sketch Express.”

Best nickname I’ve seen for the Mittster:

“Reversible Mittens.”

We’re back!

You have to take a break from decent people — Canadians –once in awhile to cover the treasonous GOP slime balls, and I will. It’s weasel season once more!

On the Canada beat, eh?

We’re now doing a Canada blog at Dow Jones’ MarketWatch site. Please check it out.

Canadians are a lot more interesting — and a lot less infuriating — than the denizens of the D.C. swamp.

That’s what Washington has become, sadly.

Time to drain the swamp.

“The Boner” Strikes Out

Andy Borowitz: “Now that health care is passed and we have health insurance, maybe John Boehner should get that skin looked at.”

You could say The Boner really got his hide tanned.

Re This Week’s GOP Talking Point

As Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have repeatedly shown this week (with comedic effect), the latest GOP line of  bullshit is that Dems “are forcing health care down our throat.”

Here’s what I’d like to force down YOUR throats: My goodam fist.

You lying pack of shitheels.

I won’t even ask “Have you no decency?” We established that months ago.

Roy Cohn would feel right at home in the GOP caucus.

Dionne: GOP Blatantly Lying About Reconciliation

Hard to believe these weasly little bastards are lying about Obama using reconcilitaion, isn’t it?

The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne, like Rachel Maddow, minces no words: They’re outright liars.

Not to mention being scumbags as well.